Eco-friendly disposal of a mattress

Climate protection and the sustainable use of resources were already the driving forces to establish Theptex in 2015 when we realized that mattresses pose a serious problem to our environment when it comes to disposal.

The costs to recycle a conventional mattress, made of many different components, are so high that a mattress often just ends up in a landfill. There the mattress becomes a big mass of non-biodegradable mixed materials; metal spring/coils, synthetic foams, padding and fabric, etc. So the problem of mattress disposal can be tackled from 2 sides; recycling and biodegradability.

A full-block natural latex foam mattress is easy to recycle and therefore provides a sustainable solution in comfort. In the worst-case scenario, when a 100% natural latex mattress does end up in a landfill, it is biodegradable.