Our Production Process

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Dunlop latex and Talalay latex are two different processes used to make latex foam.

Theptex’ cores are produced using the Dunlop process because it creates more firm, dense, energy-efficient, long-lasting and supportive latex.

Rubber tree and milk

Step 1: Harvesting latex milk

The latex used in our cores is selected from the best farms in Thailand for its foaming capabilities and 100% naturalness.

Theptex lab for testing qulity of the latex milk

Step 2: Testing latex milk

The quality of latex milk is rather unpredictable from season to season, just like wine. We therefore need to test the milk in our in-house lab first.

Manufacturing latex foam in Theptex factory

Step 3: Filling the mould

The selected latex milk is then foamed and poured into a mould. The mould is closed and goes into the vulcanisation oven.

Washing the latex foam in Theptex factory

Step 4: Washing latex core

The core is thoroughly washed to remove any soaps and excess vulcanising agents.

Drying the latex foam in Theptex factory

Step 5: Drying latex core

The core is dried at a high temperature to remove all moisture from the final product.

Quality check at Theptex factory

Step 6: Quality Control

After drying every core is thoroughly checked to ensure that the product meets the set standards.

Stock of Theptex factory

Step 7: Storage

All products are stored in our warehouse to prepare on-time delivery to customers.