Temperature Controlled Mattress

Any of our mattresses can be fitted with hydronic (water based) heating/cooling technology .

Theptex hot/heating and cool/cooling latex mattress to control temperature

How it works

  • Micro-tubes embedded inside the mattress circulate water evenly and regulate the surface temperature of the mattress.
  • A patented production process that combines all the benefits of Latex sleep technology with hydronic (water based) heating/cooling.
  • No electric wires in your mattress meaning no fire hazard or unhealthy electronic waves.
  • Warm or cool yourself, not your surroundings and save Planet Earth (and save on your electricity bill).
Watch this short video about our temperature controlled latex mattress.

Heating and/or cooling device

The mattress has been successfully tested with different heating and/or cooling devices. We can help to select the device that meets the safety and performance requirements of your target market.