Embossed Mattress

Our in-house development team can design your unique 3D-embossed mattress.

Natural latex mattress with bubbles surface to massage the body.

Bubbles Mattress

The surface of this embossed mattresses is designed to massage the body and help it relax.

Mango natural latex embossed mattress to help against bedsores.

Mango Mattress

The distinct surface will help in the prevention, treatment and management of pressure ulcers (bedsores).


Size:  Twin (110×200 cm), Large Twin (120x200cm), Queen (150x200cm), King (180x200cm), Eastern King (190x200cm) or custom size.

Thickness: From 2.5 to 15 cm or custom slicing.

Density/Firmness: 70/79 or 80/89 or 90/99 kg/m3.

Optional features: (coconut) charcoal latex and certified organic latex

Customisation: We can produce latex cores of any shape, size, thickness and/or density and add your logo or other graphic design to the core surface.