Theptex Saga

Thai tradition at Theptex factory in Thailand.
Thai spirit house on Theptex premises keeps the factory and employees safe.

When Rama was crowned King of Ayodhya he was in constant fear of being attacked by Ravana and his army of demons. This was keeping him awake at night.

His favorite queen Sita understood his worries and asked her most trusted Advisor what to do. The Advisor got a dream from the angels telling him to make a mattress with natural latex as the qualities are remarkable. Eight years long the Advisor worked on a production process to make a latex mattress and the result was divine. The King got his sleep back, ruled wise and became the founder of the divine dynasty. Much alike the silk production secret of China, several colonial industrialists tried to divulge the secret but failed.

Until today, Theptex guards the secrets of this procedé which it got from the Advisor and the angels before he passed away. The secret is passed on from generation upon generation. There was one condition, the mattresses had to stay divine and NO concessions would ever be made in regard to quality.

No mattress in the world can surpass the qualities of these 100% divine natural latex mattresses.