Defects of Natural Latex

Latex that looks close to perfect is most likely the result of adding synthetic latex or chemicals to the compound. Because we refrain from mixing in synthetic latex, our manufacturing process is more unstable and as a result the natural latex foam will for sure have some inconsistencies. These imperfections however do not impact the performance or durability of the foam and will therefore fall within our quality control parameters.

Most common variations in our latex foam:

  • discoloration/yellowness as a result from the baking process
  • cracks and tears from detaching the latex from the mold with pins
  • ‘voids’ caused by air bubbles that surface during baking
  • a round mark where latex was injected into the mold
  • small pieces of black or brown residual latex from precipitated latex
  • rough/non-smooth surface in case the foam has been sliced

Keep in mind that most latex foam doesn’t need to ‘look perfect’ as it will be enclosed inside of a (mattress or pillow) cover.