Theptex absorption board at Bangkok Design Week 2022

Check out the Theptex absorption board at Bangkok Design Week from 9th till 13th Feb at TCDC, Bangkok. Project in collaboration with Think Studio and The Department of International Trade Promotion (Ministry of Commerce Thailand). Part of the D.E.W.A. D.E.W.I. 2021 campaign (Design from Waste of Agriculture and Industry) to show how to add value to latex waste and left-over (BCG/Bio Circular Green Model). Read more here.

D.E.W.A. D.E.W.I. Project 2021

In collaboration with Think Studio, The Department of International Trade Promotion (Ministry of Commerce Thailand), initiated the D.E.W.A. D.E.W.I. 2021 project (Design from Waste of Agriculture and Industry) with 15 circular brands. And Theptex is proud to be on the hero list once again! The thought behind: adding value to waste so that it adds value to its new home and form. Read more about this project here.

Guacamole Airplane Material Library

Theptex will be included in the material library of Guacamole Airplane, a San Francisco-based design studio focused on sustainable packaging. Visit their website or LinkedIn page for more information.

Covid-19 vaccination for all employees

Theptex organized a mass COVID-19 vaccination drive for all employees including directors, managers, supervisors, leaders and operators, both local and migrant workers, in order to keep the factory and our community safe. We can beat this together!

Theptex and Pratt Institute’s School of Design, New York

Theptex materials feature in The Material Lab, a collaborative research center dedicated to advancing the study of materials at Pratt Institute in New York (USA). The collection of materials is also freely accessible through ArtStor‘s online public collection.

Disinfection tunnel for the prevention of Covid-19 infection.

Employees and visitors passing through the disinfection tunnel when entering Theptex. This helps to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi that stick on clothing, shoes, bags and other objects.

Sanitizing containers against Covid-19

The Covid-19 virus is primarily transmitted through respiratory droplets but in rare cases it can also be transmitted through contact from infected surfaces. And although the virus would probably not survive a long trip across the sea, Theptex sanitizes containers to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Solvay and Theptex announce Belgian collaboration offering anti-viral bedding solutions to the healthcare and hospitality sector

COVID-19 has permanently reshaped societies and economies around the globe and continues to call for actions that can protect people’s health. Theptex searched within its area of expertise for ways to contribute in the fight against Covid-19 and explored the idea of how natural latex mattresses could help to block the cross contamination of viruses and bacteria. Among many efforts towards mitigating the pandemic, such as donations of large volume of Hydrogen Peroxide disinfecting solution around the world including in Thailand, Solvay developed Amni® Virus-Bac OFF Polyamide, a textile which virtually eliminates bacteria and virus transmission in a few minutes. This functional property is safely built in the yarn, with a permanent effect, even after repeated laundry cycles at high temperature. It has already been commercialized with success in Brazil for many applications and we want to bring these benefits closer to everyone. Theptex’ sustainable latex foam mattresses, combined with Solvay’s revolutionary Amni® Virus-Bac OFF textile, offers a new approach for the healthcare and hospitality sector in providing a clean environment and reassuring guests they can have a safe and sound night of sleep. Left: Alain Missorten, Director and Founder, Theptex Co. Ltd. Right: André NOTHOMB, Executive Vice-President and Head of Government Affairs Asia Pacific, Solvay Asia Pacific Co. Ltd.. For more detailed information about Solvay’s Amni® Virus-Bac OFF Polyamide, click here.

27 November 2020: Belgium and Luxembourg Day (company visit)

Theptex was honoured with the presence of H.E. Sibille de Cartier d’Yves, Ambassador-Designated of the Kingdom of Belgium, H.E. Mr. Jean-Paul Senninger, Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Philip Coates, Executive Director at The Belgian – Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Thailand.

D.E.W.A – DESIGN campaign

Theptex participated in the D.E.W.A campaign (DEsign from Waste of Agriculture), an initiative from the Department of Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce. Watch this video on how Theptex helps to save the planet from waste by turning latex scrap into design furniture.

CIFM/Interzum 2020

Update: Due to the ongoing travel restrictions and uncertain evolution of Covid-19, Theptex has decided to cancel this year’s participation to CIFM/Interzum. Theptex has been a yearly exhibitor at CIFM/Interzum Guangzhou since 2016. This year’s edition, which was originally scheduled to be held in March 2020, has been rescheduled to 27-30 July 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Video temperature controlled latex mattress

Video natural vs synthetic latex

Value Creation Day – DITP Open House

Watch the interview with Theptex Sales Manager Siriporn Lapkanjanapong about adding value to your products.

Material Connexion Library

Theptex is proud to showcase its natural latex cores both in the online d-base and the physical libraries of Material Connexion in New York, Bangkok, Bilbao, Daegu, Milan, Skövde and Tokyo.

Covid-19: message to China

A message of strength from Theptex employees to China tackling the Covid-19 virus.

Certified Organic Latex

Read in this newspaper article (Bangkok Post 19 August 2019) how Theptex Co. Ltd., with the help of TPI Polene Plc., is the first and only company in Thailand to produce mattresses with certified organic latex.