Theptex Thailand Trust Mark

Thailand Trust Mark

A symbol of excellence and trusted quality, which adds distinctive value to Thai products and services that are made in Thailand.

Theptex Rubber Authority Thailand

Rubber Authority of Thailand

Minimum of 96% natural latex content tested by the Rubber Authority of Thailand.

Theptex Thailand Industrial Standard or TIS

TIS (Thailand Industrial Standard)

Products certified by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute meet rigorous quality and standard criteria, are proven safe for consumption, user efficient and reasonably priced.

Theptex LGA or TUV


Resiliency test: sample compressed 60,000 times (around a life time use).

Theptex ECO Institut

ECO Institut

Product tested certified to have a minimum 95% of Natural Latex Content.

Theptex China or CCOC


China Certification & Inspection Group (CCIC) is the first independent body dedicated to provide commodity certification and inspection services in the People’s Republic of China.

Theptex SGS

SGS (no VOC, no SBR)

Our products comply with international VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) requirements that safeguard the environment and human health.

Theptex Green Industry

Green Industry – Sustainability

Complying with the standards of conducting business in an environmental friendly and socially responsible way. Wastewater treatment, water and steam recycling .

Theptex Organic Thailand


IFOAM accreditation delivered by the Governmental Agency ACT (Agriculture Certification Thailand) for latex harvested from organic rubber farms in Thailand.

Theptex Organic Europe

ACT EU Group

ACT certifies that operations and products comply with EU organic regulations.


Products certified according to the COR (Canadian Organic Regime) standards and in compliance with the terms of the US-Canada Organic Equivalence Arrangement.