Theptex (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

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Sustainability at the core of our business.


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Certified Organic Latex

Theptex is the first, and so far only, company that can produce latex foam cores with latex milk harvested from certified organic rubber plantations in Thailand.

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At Theptex we take time to listen to our customers. Because when we truly listen, we can ensure that the final product will meet their needs, turning customers in our innovation partners.
Innovation Partners
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We are a manufacturer of pure natural latex cores (mattresses, pillows and custom shapes) with production in the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand.

With 15 years of extensive know how in the manufacturing of latex cores we specialize in tailoring completely to the needs of customers in various industries such as; the bedding, shoe, automotive, motorcycle, sport, lifestyle, packaging, and healthcare industry.

Theptex currently employs 90 workers and our multi-cultural staff serves customers in Thailand, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Laos, Vietnam, Australia, USA and Europe.